Advantages and disadvantages of chandeliers and ceiling lights

In the process of home decoration, the choice of lighting is a very important link. In today’s decoration market, mainstream lighting can be divided into two types: chandeliers and ceiling lamps. These two kinds of lighting have their own characteristics, which also makes many people feel entangled when choosing. Is a chandelier better or a ceiling light? Let’s take a look together.

 Advantages of chandelier

1. New house decoration, everyone wants to decorate beautifully and beautifully. Ceiling lights have their own advantages, but the chandelier is better in appearance.

2. There are many kinds of chandelier. Commonly used are European-style candlestick chandelier, Chinese chandelier and crystal chandelier. It can be matched with various home decoration styles.

3. The chandelier disperses the bulbs to facilitate heat dissipation. And leave a distance from the installation board, even if it is installed on flammable materials, it can effectively prevent fire.


Advantages of ceiling lights

1. The ceiling lamp can be directly installed on the ceiling, easy to install, and generous in style, which can give the space a clear and bright feeling.

2. Ceiling lights have no major requirements for the height of the room, which can avoid the feeling of space depression. Even light distribution, simple maintenance and cleaning, and high cost performance.

3. Ceiling lights are easy to clean, and now some LED ceiling lights have a color-changing function, you can change the cold and warm lights at will to drive the indoor atmosphere.


What are the points to consider when choosing a lamp?

1. Area:

(1) For small apartments, both the living room and the bedroom are limited in area. When choosing lamps and lanterns, under the premise of satisfying the lighting, you can choose moderate ceiling lamps, otherwise the indoor space will easily appear to be extremely crowded.

(2) Crystal lights or large ceiling lights can be selected for large apartments or villas. Not only can it decorate the home well, but the light source is also very comfortable.

 2. Height:

(1) The chandelier usually needs to sag more than 40 cm to have a better effect. At the same time, the installation height of the chandelier should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground.

(2) Ceiling lamps should be selected for rooms with a floor height of less than 2.8 meters; for bedrooms with a house height of 2.8-5 meters or more, thick chandelier can be selected.

 3. Style:

Usually luxurious and complicated decoration styles are suitable for chandeliers with complex shapes and bright colors; while simple decoration styles are more suitable for ceiling lamps with simple shapes and pure colors.


Lamps are not only used as lighting tools to provide us with light sources and supplementary lighting, but also decorative items that cannot be ignored in the home. Therefore, the choice of lamps must be combined with a variety of elements to be the most scientific choice at the beginning.

Post time: Apr-22-2021