Haus Lighting Sales Team Building -One Team , One Dream

Dated September 11th,2021, Location Huizhou


During the special period and due to the COVID-19, we hold this team building actitive in the quiet Nankun Mountain in Huizhou. This event revolves around the theme of “ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM”, aiming to cultivate sales department’ hands-on ability,relax your body and mind, live a healthy life, and work healthily, people-oriented and strong will, and enhance the cohesion and overall centripetal force of the team of employees. Through this event, new employees can also quickly integrate into the team. Find a sense of collective belonging, strengthen communication between employees, enrich training content, and at the same time receive good results.



Haus-Lighting-Decorative-Lighting-factory-One-Team -One-Dream

We are togethewr in beautiful Nan Kun Mountain .



Haus-Lighting-Team- Building


Post time: Oct-14-2021