How are those classic lamps designed?

Decorative lights have a great degree of freedom in design. Unlike commercial lighting, which has the ultimate technical pursuit of optical quality, the design of decorative lights emphasizes not only the beauty of the lamp shape, but also the atmosphere of the light effect. In different application scenarios, designers usually place emphasis on the shape or optics of decorative lights. Therefore, when designing a decorative lamp, the designer must grasp the ratio of “shape” and “light”.

1.Theshape is the main form, the light is the auxiliary

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The wall lamp in the picture above has a rich design language in its shape. The integrated smooth glass shape hides the light source. The lamp is installed on the wall. It is not only a wall lamp as it is a geometric style of art.

2.Light is the mainstay, form is supplement.

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Water droplets is going to fall-Momento chandelier group. Momento’s inspiration comes from scenes in nature: water droplets slowly accumulate to the moment when they are about to drip, as if they have absorbed all the light, reflecting the surrounding scene. Momento’s glass lampshade is a drop of water that is about to drip. A light source hangs above it. When light passes through the “water drop”, the light is refracted and scattered, forming a light and dark halo on the ground, just like a water drop falling on a calm water surface. The ripples on it are full of fun.

3.Form and light side by side.

As we said at the beginning, the design freedom of decorative lights is great. In addition to focusing on one aspect of form and light, designers can also balance, blend and complement each other in harmony.

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In the above picture, the designer did not create a flamboyant shape, but used a thin circular metal ring to hold a uniformly luminous frosted ball lampshade. In this art work, the uniformly luminous frosted ball lampshade is the main body of the shape, the main body of the light, and the shape and the light are integrated.

Post time: Nov-23-2020