How to choose a chandelier? How should designers recommend to owners?

Chandeliers as popular decorarive lighting which are installed on ceilings in indoor spaces, are popular in large and high-end indoor spaces (hotels, large banquet halls, etc.) and home spaces due to their soft light and strong decorativeness. The advocacy of no main lamp for so many years does not prevent users love the main lamps—the chandelier.


So, how should designers recommend suitable chandeliers to owners?

First of all, choose a suitable light distribution method according to actual needs, because different light distribution methods can obtain different lighting effects. Especially in commercial spaces, chandeliers must not only pay attention to decoration, but also fully consider functional requirements.

Secondly, choose the hoisting method based on the space structure and personal preference. For example, some gypsum board ceilings are not suitable for the use of chandelier. Material reasons may easily lead to cracks and deformation.

The design style of the chandelier should also be exquisite, it is best to reflect the home style and present the owner’s aesthetics.

In fact, lamps and design styles are just like women and clothes. They all need to be matched reasonably and carefully. Avoid “forced” matching.


When implemented in a specific project, two common problems will be encountered:

(1) How many chandeliers are suitable?

Let’s take the home dining table as an example:

When the number of diners is small and the table space is small: it is recommended to install a chandelier on the table with a diameter of 1.2m—1.5m to ensure the brightness and dining atmosphere.

Of course, if the dining table is larger than 2m in diameter, it means that the space is relatively empty. At this time, a large chandelier or multiple small chandelier needs to be replaced to meet the lighting needs.

(2) How to determine the suspension height?

Take the home dining table as an example. The hanging height of the chandelier is recommended to be around 700mm above table, and it should not be too high or too low. This height can ensure that we do not affect normal communication while sitting.

At the same time, this suspension height is matched with the height of the common dining table (750mm-780mm), so that people’s vision and the height of the chandelier body are level when standing, and it is not easy to see the light outlet of the chandelier, but also can make the light  focus on table.

Post time: Nov-23-2020