Is it necessary to buy a floor lamp? You are still asking this question

Many friends may learn about floor lamps from TV, which was often seen in wealthy families in the 60s and 70s. However, modern floor lamps are usually composed of brackets, lampshades and light sources, occupy a place and are outdated, so many people will not choose it. If you read this article, you will regret it.

Several reasons to buy floor lamps

1. The floor lamp is bright in shape, tall and straight, or graceful, with a unique decorative effect. It can be used as auxiliary lighting in the living room and bedroom, and can also be used in the study room for reading.

2. Floor lamps are used as local lighting, often combined with single chairs, sofas, and TV cabinets. They appear tasteful and fashionable. As a sofa companion, it is often used as a meeting area.

3. Floor lamp is a master of atmosphere creation! ! !

4. When there is no main lamp design, the roof is relatively dark, and the semi-direct lighting floor lamp is used to achieve the effect of light balance

How to choose a floor lamp

1. Chinese classical style

The lamp holder is mainly made of bamboo and wood, and the lampshade is mainly made of various Chinese characteristic flannel and silk yarns. It is equipped with Chinese elements such as flowers and birds, ink and wash. The shape is fashionable and dignified, and the light is soft.