The influence of different color temperatures on human emotions

The difference color temperature will create different atmospheres.

 For example, warm colors can create a warm, romantic and comfortable atmosphere, while cool colors will make the picture appear cold and desolate.

The different color temperatures are shown below:


We generally divide the color temperature of the light source into three categories:

1. Warm white light

The color temperature of warm light is generally around or below 3000K, which is similar to that of incandescent light, with more red light components, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling;

2. Nature white light

Its color temperature is about 4000K, which will make people feel happy, comfortable and peaceful;

3. Cool light

Its color temperature is about 5500K~6500K, the light source is close to natural light, it has a bright feeling and can make people concentrate.

So choose color temperature according to environment.

In fact, color temperature affects all aspects of our lives. For example, when couples go to a western restaurant to eat, they should of course choose a low color temperature,more soft and warm.


In addition to restaurants, low color temperature light sources can be used in hotel lobbies, rest spaces, reading spaces, etc. For more restaurant pendant light, hotel lamps, contact us Haus Lighting for more details.


For high-precision work places like office environments, the color temperature is better to be brighter, so that employees can concentrate on their work. Under the medium color temperature (around 4000K), the employees can maintain a full spirit and good condition, thereby improving the work efficiency of the employees. And for high-precision work areas such as factories, hospitals, conference rooms, teachers, etc., it is recommended that the color temperature be around 4000K.


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Post time: Mar-16-2021