Company News

  • Haus Lighting Sales Team Building -One Team , One Dream

    Dated September 11th,2021, Location Huizhou   During the special period and due to the COVID-19, we hold this team building actitive in the quiet Nankun Mountain in Huizhou. This event revolves around the theme of “ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM”, aiming to cultivate sales department’...
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  • We move to new manufacturing plant

    Haus Lighting is keeping improving and always young and passionate group! We insist to do beautiful and high quality lamp ,with our original intention ‘ Lighting Up The World’. With the production demand increasing and provide more comfortable working environment for every staff , We...
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  • Design Change Life More Simple and Bring You What You Need

    Design Change Life More Simple and Bring You What You Need

    What you need to know about human centric lighting, Mr Andreas Schulz share with us many architecture lighting projects and proved that humanistic lighting is everywhere, and bring important the influence on human emotions through light. As a rich experience lighting manufacturer and exporter, we...
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  • How to choose a chandelier? How should designers recommend to owners?

    Chandeliers as popular decorarive lighting which are installed on ceilings in indoor spaces, are popular in large and high-end indoor spaces (hotels, large banquet halls, etc.) and home spaces due to their soft light and strong decorativeness. The advocacy of no main lamp for so many years does n...
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